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There is always SOMETHING that makes a difference.
FIRST, choose something you can do (there are many). Make it simple to start.
SECOND, understand that, while doing little things ourselves can help, the most important part of your task is to help others to understand how serious CLIMATE CHANGE is.*
THIRD, Get started! Here's a simple, task to begin:
Pick up trash that others have discarded--start with small pieces that you can put in your pocket or a small bag.That could be gum wrappers, notebook paper, empty soda cans, cigarette butts, dead pens or pencils, or plastic baggies.
Empty your pockets when you get home and recycle those items. As a last resort, throw the trash away.
FOURTH, make eye-contact with those who see you, and share with them that much of our trash eventually gets washed into our oceans...

...and that waste is killing plants and
animals that live there.

FIFTH: 'Pat yourself on the back' for making a difference, and perhaps jot down how people reacted to you.

ABOUT Unitarian Universalists: We have no formal creed, but our Seventh Principle calls on us to have "respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part," and we could add 'to protect this web which we call Earth.'

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