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Some people have trouble believing that the Earth is in a 'Climate Crisis.' We may not understand the details of what has caused global warming, but 95% of scientists agree that is is human activity, beginning with the Industrial Revolution. They have been documenting these changes--and connecting them to our activities--since the early 1800's.

Since their arrival on Earth, people have made note of their surroundings, comparing what they they saw today with yesterday or last year, and eventually recording those comparisons, including:

-- the change in water levels of lakes, rivers, oceans;

-- fluctuations in temperature, by time of day, location, season;

-- how plants, animals, places change with time;

-- as well as other observable changes.

SCIENTISTS use more sophisticated tools to track changes on Earth, including using satellites to take photos of glaciers shrinking, lakes drying up, and forests disappearing. Like these:

Grinnel Glacier in MT

Lake Powell, UT/AZ

Sumatra, Indonesia

THESE SAD PICTURES ARE PRETTY DRAMATIC, but look around you...what do you notice that is LESS than it used to be?

Unitarian Universalism is a religion whose members work to safeguard our environment; it's our Seventh Principle.

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