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Are your beliefs not fitting into a box? 

Want to explore new beliefs?

Craving truth? meaning? wisdom?

Desiring inclusion? diversity?

Want to develop a foundation you can live?

Want to foster new friendships?

Be part of a caring community that gives back?
promotes social justice?

nurtures intellectual and spiritual growth?

improves stewardship of our planet?

If YES, you are home.

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clinton, where we come together as a community for a liberal religious search for truth, meaning and relationships, drawing wisdom from many sources including our own religious intuition.


We envision our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to be a welcoming caring space where we embrace diversity, nurture intellectual and spiritual growth, promote social justice, and improve stewardship of our planet.

We Covenant

To foster personal growth with mutual respect, patience, and understanding.

To nurture our religious tradition with acceptance, encouragement, and trust.

To strengthen our fellowship through shared leadership and responsibility.

To live our covenant as a positive influence for ourselves and our community.

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