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Climate Education

Combating Climate Change can feel overwhelming, so we start with one of six Improvement Areas, Climate Literacy. First of all, remember...

We CAN & SHOULD do Six Things!


For those who live in places prone to blizzards, like Buffalo, NY. And it is harder for those who have no place to live, like migrants...

Winter is Hard?


There is always SOMETHING that makes a difference. FIRST, choose something you can do (there are many). Make it simple to start...

Confused About What To Do?


Global Warming, aka CLIMATE CRISIS, affects our entire environment. Think about why 'nature' is special to each of us. Many of us spend...

It's Real... Now What Do We Do?


Some people have trouble believing that the Earth is in a 'Climate Crisis.' We may not understand the details of what has caused global...

Is Global Warming Real?


Let's Begin at the Beginning: What is Climate Change? Climate is the average weather in a place over many years. Climate change is a...

Our Climate Crisis


REMINDER: WHY WE NEED TO HELP MEDIATE CLIMATE CHANGE In the last post, looked at why we need to foster more CLIMATE LITERACY. This... 

6 Things We Can & Should Do

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