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The Olympia Brown Room

The spacious, yet cozy, east room in the basement of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clinton is called the Olympia Brown Room, in honor of the first US woman minister ordained with full denominational authority.

For more information on Olympia Brown, click here.

This room is probably the most popular "hang-out" area of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clinton, used as a discussion and socializing area after the Sunday services, as well as a place for board meetings.

The three windows to on the south wall contribute to the pleasant airiness of the Olympia Brown Room, which look out unto the south back yard of the church. A smaller window is in the east wall. The north wall has no windows and thus can be used in its entire length for tables, booths, a gallery or slide shows, whatever the guests need in a long, uninterrupted space. A couch, desk and easy chair are located in the SE corner of the room, as a conversation area, as well as another area by the south windows. Furniture may be moved by guests as needed. Many cafeteria-sized tables as well as extra folding chairs are available for guests to used as needed.


The Olympia Brown Room is wheelchair accessible with a gently sloping sidewalk from the east parking lot to the downstairs outside east door. The unisex restroom, located just off of the SW corner of the Olympia Brown Room, is wheelchair-accessible.

If guests arrive at the north front door on the first level of the church, they can get to the Olympia Brown Room most directly by the inside stairs, just to the left of the office, through the double French doors, which lead down to the unisex restroom, and on into the Olympia Brown Room.

From the west entrance of the church, the stairs to the basement are to the immediate right. Those steps have a motorized chair for those who may have difficulty with steps but who do not use a wheelchair. Guests entering that way will need to go through the Emerson Room and the kitchen, to get the to the Olympia Brown Room.

Once downstairs, guests will discover, directly west of the Olympia Brown Room, a kitchen area, which provides easy access for the preparation and serving of meals or luncheons to guests in the Olympia Brown Room.

Photo of Olympia Brown
Photo of Plaque Outside Olympia Brown Room
Photo of Olympia Brown Room
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