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This coming Sunday, October 24, Beth Mosher will share her own ramblings in as well as musings about nature by well-known Americans like poet Mary Oliver, and OVERSTORY author, Richard Powers.

After listening to Beth's s rambling message during our 10:30 Service, we will adjourn to the "Olympia Brown Room" in the lower level of our Fellowship to discuss these and other questions:

What do you do with a piece of trash when there is no trash can near you?

What is more important to you? Social issues or environmental problems?

How do children experience nature in playful/mindful ways?

Where do you go to breathe really fresh air?

Who should pay for the costs associated with renewable energy?

This message and discussion is the first in a series of important environmental topics. We must come to grips with the seriousness of our mistreatment of Mother Nature. This can be our start. Join us on Oct. 24th at 10:30 or 11:30.

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