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OUR EARTH IS IN TROUBLE! Surveys show that nearly 70% of Americans agree, and are worried about how Climate Change is affecting our planet and all that lives here with us.

Members of the Clinton UU Fellowship have long been tuned in to changes in the planet, most of which have not been good. We decided to DO SOMETHING to address those changes. Since a small group of people can't have much impact, we are inviting interested community members to join with us to discuss the Climate Crisis and try to find big and small ways to reduce the dangers that Earth faces.

Your invitation to our Climate Discussions repeats on the 4th Sunday of each month as we define problems, and search for what we can do about them.


Here's how and when to Join us:

-This coming Sunday, January 23, we will look at how the life and teachings of St. Francis of Assisi are just as important today as they were during the 12th Century when he lived...maybe more important. Service runs from 10:30-11:15


- After the Service, at 11:30, come for the discussion about what we can do to help our Earth recover from our carelessness.


-Come for both!

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