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As is our Fellowship tradition, we gathered downstairs On October 3 to discuss the Service Message, "INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY vs COLUMBUS DAY." Following a brief review of the 15,000 years prior to 1492, and the lives of millions of Native Americans who lived in America when Columbus arrived here, we then went on to note how our European ancestors interacted with the original residents of what is now the United States.

Of course, the interactions were disastrous for the Indians then, and are still grossly unfair today. Our discussion question centered around restitution -- should we try to remedy legal and ethical failings somehow, and what might that look like. There were several creative ideas suggested by group members.

'Help change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, and make it a national non-work holiday'

'Each State organize 'teach-ins' to our children on that day to correct myths and celebrate Native American' accomplishments'

'Even as a small UU congregation, we can put up signs and make announcements of our admiration for and support of our Indian neighbors'

We plan to act on some of these suggestions when the 2nd Monday of October 2022 comes around. Thanks for tuning in to us.

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