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Interested in GREEN DRINKS?

'GREEN DRINKS' is a weekly meeting of members of the Quad Cities PACG, a non-partisan citizens’ group of progressives in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois who aim to engage folks to take action on a variety of issues within our society related to a number of progressive values.

Yesterday's topic was Life on a Barge by Mike Coyne-Logan of Living Land and Waters, a well-known group that cleans up our waterways. His focus was the amount of plastic that they remove, the danger to people and environment, and urges us all to reduce their use! Before-and-after pictures showed the difference in an area when people care.

'Green Drinks' meets every First Thursday at 5 p.m. During the winter months they meet via Zoom and during the summer they meet at a Quad City bar. If you want to be added to the email list, contact Susan Leuthauser at, or check out their website:

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