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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The YW in Clinton, as part of their mission to eliminate racism and empower women, sponsors a book club which focuses on and encourges diversity. The club meets to discuss a new book approximately every 2 months.

The February selection is The Personal Librarian, based on a true story. Here is a review by Jennifer Marie Lin on Jul 22nd, 2021:

"The Personal Librarian tells the story of Belle de Costa Greene, a black woman who became the personal librarian to the famed banker J. P. Morgan by passing as white. While the book is historical fiction, Belle de Costa Greene was a real person who managed to achieve a status in society that was noteworthy, even if she didn’t have to overcome the limits of race.

Authored by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray, The Personal Library draws from a lot of historical events and pulls in many real-life details about Belle’s life. There’s clearly a lot of research that went into this novel, and Belle becoming so successful as a black woman in a white male field is an innately interesting story in and of itself. "

Details to follow.

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